Schedule/ Holidays

Start Dates and Holiday Closings

Start dates are fluid. A student may start at any time during the year.

New Year’s Day                 Labor Day   

Christmas                          MLK Day

Thanksgiving                     Winter Break

Memorial Day                    Black Friday & Good Friday

Spring Break                      Independence Day   

Christmas Eve                    One Week in July (Summer Vacation)


Full-time and part-time schedules are available.
Full time:  M, T, W, TH, F:  9:00am-4:30pm
Part time:  M, W, F or M, T, W or W, TH, F:  9:00am-4:30pm

Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for graduation, students must complete all hours required, all school tests must be completed with a 70% average, and students must fulfill all financial responsibilities to Sadie Cook Academy of Beauty & Business , or at least have a payment plan in place.  Student will receive a certificate of completion. United States veterans is 80% average, veterans must attend according to their schedule.

Sanitation and Personal Services

Students can receive services on Tuesdays, and instructor approval of  the service. Students are required to pay for the cost of services and mark appointment book the allotted time needed for service. Students must clean their station, including floor, after each service. Hair must be swept up immediately after a service is completed. Workstations must be cleaned at the end of the day prior to clocking out.