Rules & Regulations

  1. Students should dress and groom themselves in a manner befitting the highest professional standards established by the school and the industry. Deodorants for body odor are essential. Beware of strong foods, cigarettes and other offensive smells while working closely with others. Use breath mints when in
  2. Student, staff, and visitors are not permitted to possess weapons of any type on the campus. Violation of this policy could result in immediate dismissal and contact of local law enforcement for possible criminal
  3. Professional and courteous conduct is expected. Respectful communication with staff, fellow students and patrons is required. Unnecessary conversation, creating noise, causing discord, abusive language or inappropriate physical behavior is prohibited and may result in termination from the
  4. Students are responsible for their own educational equipment and personal belongings. Be prepared for class and the student salon floor learning process by having a complete tool kit, required class materials, and completed assignments each day. Equipment and personal property left in the school beyond thirty (30) days is considered abandoned. All abandoned property is
  5. Our school is smoke-free. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside of the school; however, student smokers are required to keep those areas free of any debris caused by
  6. Personal calls should be limited. Cell phones are permitted but are not to be on during class unless instructor allows them or when the student is with a client. The school’s business telephone is not available for personal calls, unless for emergencies.
  7. The school assumes no responsibility for any negligence, carelessness, or lack of skill by one or more students while practicing any part of the school course upon one another.
  8. Gossip and discussion of personal problems do not belong at school. If you have a problem as it pertains to your education, you may discuss it in the school office with an instructor or
  9. School starts at 9:00 AM for day classes.
  10. Cellphone use only for social media post at the end of your shift.
  11. Any student leaving school premises during scheduled hours of attendance while duly clocked in, must have permission from the Director ahead of time, and must clock out. Unauthorized leaving of the premises is grounds for
  12. A lunch break is required after 6 hours of instruction. No more than ½ hour is allowed without prior approval. You must clock in and
  13. It is mandatory for students to attend their scheduled hours on the day before or after a holiday.
  14. Students who are absent from school for 10 consecutive school days will be dismissed from school unless documented evidence warrants a leave of
  15. The front desk will assign clients to you. If you refuse, you must clock out and leave the school.
  16. When you are called to the reception area for a client, please respond promptly and cheerfully. No service is to be performed without a sales slip from the front
  17. When a student is busy working on a patron there is to be no visiting from other students. The patron is to receive all the student’s
  18. Sales of hair products are part of the curriculum, but students are not allowed to sell outside products on school
  19. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated and could be grounds for
  20. Please read the entire CATALOG, as it contains attendance and progress policies not printed

NOTE: The school reserves the right to make any changes in the above rules and regulations at any time.  All students will be notified of any changes immediately.